Balancing the Writing Life

Feb 22, 2010

I’ve found that when trying to write with an otherwise full schedule, something always has to go. It would seem that trying to be a good wife, good mother, good employee, and good writer means being a very bad housekeeper.

Take tonight, for example. After getting off work, I attempted to do the dishes while my husband was at class. I strapped the baby in his bouncy seat, and picked up the dish soap.

I then proceeded to drop the soap and spend the next twenty minutes bruising my forehead with a plastic mixing spoon in a vain attempt to get my tired five-month-old to laugh. This gradually degenerated into other, less violent forms of entertainment, featuring wild dancing, dramatic death-faking, and much making-of-loud-noises. Did the dishes get done? I think not.

Will they get done tonight, after baby is in bed and hubby and I have had some time to unwind together? I wouldn’t bet on it. After all, I’m looking forward to writing at least 1,500 words tonight.


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