The Short, Official, Third-Person Version:
Shallee McArthur is the author of THE UNHAPPENING OF GENESIS LEE. She originally wanted to be a scientist, until she discovered she liked her science best in fictional form. When she’s not writing young adult science fiction and fantasy, she’s attempting to raise her son and daughter as proper geeks. A little part of her heart is devoted to Africa after volunteering twice in Ghana. She has a degree in English from Brigham Young University and lives in Utah with her husband and two children.

And because people always ask, her name is pronounced "shuh-LEE." But she answers to anything that sounds remotely close.

She is represented by Hannah Bowman of Liza Dawson Associates.

The Video Version:
Filled with fun facts (because I like to think I'm a fun person).

The Rambling, More Personal Version:

Born and raised in Utah, I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen. Initially, I stole all my ideas from the Story Club in Anne of Green Gables, but I eventually gravitated toward original work. My debut YA sci fi, The Unhappening of Genesis Lee, is coming Nov. 18, 2014 from Sky Pony Press. I am represented by Hannah Bowman of Liza Dawson Associates.

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I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 with an English degree. During college, I had the most awesome four months of my life volunteering in Ghana. I fell in love with the entire African continent, and get a little rapturous whenever I hear African drumming.

Then I came home and fell in love with my soon-to-be-husband. We were married a year later, and he proved his bravery and loyalty by going to Ghana with me for a month. We have a goal to go on a 10-year-anniversary trip to Hawaii and have people still asking us if we're newlyweds.

Our son is a befuddling combination of a mellow mama's boy and a hyperactive demon. He giggles like an evil villain, usually while he's running circles around the house. Our daughter's current accomplishments include being an exceedingly gorgeous baby and having very nom-able cheeks.

I love learning languages, and have tried my hand at French, Fante (a Ghanaian language), Swahili, Japanese, and am currently test-driving Dutch. If you air-dropped me into France, I could find my way to the nearest amazing castle without much trouble. If you air-dropped me into Ghana, I'd praise you for the free flight and be able to ask for a taxi and that's about it. If you air-dropped me anywhere else, I'd enjoy the vacation but pray someone nearby spoke English.

I write YA science fiction and fantasy every spare moment I can get. In my non-writing spare moments, I play the piano and read way too many books. 

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