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Welcome to the place where you can find bonus content for The Unhappening of Genesis Lee! Videos, pictures, behind-the-scenes content, reading group guides, Common Core-based teacher guides, and more can all be found here!

Discussion Guides

Teacher Guide based on Common Core Standards (beware-- here there be spoilers!)

Reading Group Discussion Questions (beware-- here there be spoilers!)

Video and Radio Interviews

  • An interview from Kami's Library Thoughts, talking about what inspired me to write the book, and other behind-the-scenes tidbits!

  • I joined the folks at the awesome geek show Dungeon Crawlers Radio to talk about the book! I come in at about the 16 minute mark to talk about where I got the idea for the book, how long it took to get published, the hazing-that-was-not-a-hazing when I joined my crit group, and how World of Warcraft might doom my future writing.

Behind the Scenes Trivia

  • There is a doctor in the book named Larissa Jonas. Her name is derived from two characters in Lois Lowry’s The Giver, which was the book that inspired this one.
  • Two of my most influential teachers are mentioned in the book—Gena’s teacher is Mr. Soto, named after my 6th grade teacher. A professor mentioned in the book is Ms. Bodily, named for my AP English teacher.
  • Gena’s favorite band in the book is called “Frankie and the Boy.” They are named after my son’s imaginary friends—a dinosaur named Frankie, and a boy named the Boy.
  • Kalan’s middle name is Daniel—my husband’s name, because he shares some nerdy qualities with him.
  • The tech company Ascalon was named for the sword St. George used to slay the mythical dragon. I named it this because the town of Havendale, the setting for the book, is based partially on my husband’s southern Utah hometown of St. George.
  • The sushi restaurant where Kalan and Gena go, and where Kalan’s church meets, is based on my favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Ya.
  • Gena’s dad loves powdered donuts, just like my dad. Also, Gena’s memory of her father waking her up to watch a meteor shower she almost slept through is based on a similar memory I have of my own father. (Our fathers are otherwise COMPLETE opposites.)
  • All of my grandmothers make an appearance in the book. Gena’s grandma had a tanzanite ring given to her by her husband, just like my Grandma Tanner. She tells Gena made-up stories, just like my Grandma Opal. She reads Agatha Christie novels, just like my Grandma Evelyn. And she gives Gena lemon drops, just like my Grandma Rose.

Pinterest Page

Check out the Pinterest page for The Unhappening of Genesis Lee to see pictures of characters, settings, and get an idea of what Gena's Links look like!


Want to listen to the playlist for The Unhappening of Genesis Lee? Here it is! Each song matches up to a scene in my head-- any guesses as to which song goes with which chapter?


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