Editing Services

My passion is story-- in this case, helping you reveal and polish the story YOU want to tell. I offer editing services focused on speculative genres (sci fi, fantasy, and subgenres), YA (speculative, contemporary, mystery, thriller), and narrative non-fiction (such as memoir). I have experience in and am willing to look at manuscripts in a variety of genres (romance, mystery, historical, etc.) to see if I would be the right editor for your story.

In addition to a BA in English and Creative Writing, I have ten years of experience in the writing industry and have studied advanced writing techniques under best-selling and award-winning authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Jasper Fforde, Emma Newman, Wesley Chu, Aliette de Bodard, Mary Robinette Kowal, and many others. I teach creative writing for the community through Dixie State University, and have taught at multiple writing conferences for several years. I've also led critique workshops and mentoring sessions for conferences, and have critiqued and edited manuscripts for ten years. I am an author in sci fi and fantasy genres for both adults and young adults, and am represented by Hannah Bowman of Liza Dawson Associates.


I charge a flat rate of $25 an hour for editing services, and require a deposit to save your spot. I will do a free sample edit of your first 5 pages/1500 words to provide you with a full price estimate and delivery timeline. If it seems during the edit that the initial estimate will vary strongly, I will contact you so there won't be any sticker shock. If you have a tight deadline, expedited editing can be negotiated for an extra fee.

The full cost of the edit minus the deposit will be due upon manuscript delivery.

Content Edit

A content edit will look at the big picture of the story. I'll focus on characterization and growth arcs, plotting and pacing, world building, thematic issues, emotional resonance, and overall story arc. In addition, I'll look for areas where you can expand on strengths of the story, point out genre tropes that fall flat or need subversion, and evaluate audience appeal. Strengths as well as weaknesses will be pointed out, not just for the feel-goods it gives you, but because it's an important part of growing your writing and story.

This edit includes an editorial letter as well as specific comments within the manuscript. 

Line Edit

A line edit is to evaluate the manuscript for sentence-level issues such as flow, continuity, tone, voice, sentence structure and clarity, descriptions, dialogue, etc. This will NOT address larger story issues included in a content edit (though the two types of edits may be combined; the per-hour charge remains the same, but there will be more hours involved).

This edit includes in-manuscript comments and tracked changes, as well as a brief edit letter focusing on common strengths or weaknesses in the manuscript.

Copy Edit

A copy edit is the last thing to be done, once you've completed any other edits. It will focus on grammar, typos, punctuation, spelling, etc. 

This edit includes in-manuscript comments and tracked changes.

Book an Edit

Simply contact me through email at shalleemcarthur[at]gmail[dot]com, and indicate what type of edit you're looking for! 


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