Did You Ever Wonder...

Apr 13, 2010

I was sitting at my desk at work the other day, staring woodenly at the apple on my Apple, and I began to wonder. Who the devil took a bite out of that apple? Is it symbolic? Is Apple trying to hint that they’re the Eden of computers? Did some marketing guy decide a whole apple just wasn’t a good enough logo? I suppose we’ll never know, but it got me wondering on more important issues, most of which I have forgotten by now. All this wondering gave me an idea.

Why not post a weekly blog about bizarre things in science we can wonder about to give the sci fi writer in all of us a little boost?

Each week, I’ll link to some kind of article of actual science– any kind of science. Then I’ll ask a few questions or make a few observations. From there, it’s up to you! Run with it, dance with it, throw it away, or write about it. If you’re up to sharing, comment about it on the blog.

So here’s the first DYEW: Did you ever wonder what memories are made of?

What fascinated me the most in this article is the idea of making someone forget a specific frightening thing. If we can make someone forget about trauma in their past, should we? Would we be morally obligated to do so if we could, or morally obligated not to? How would it change someone’s life if they forgot a key moment that had shaped them into who they are? Would they forget the event, or just the fear of the event? If the entirety of society no longer remembered horrible things that had happened to them, would that mean even more horrible things kept happening because no one remembered them?

Lots of questions, lots of answers to explore…so get wondering, and get writing!


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