You Can Promote Literacy in Africa-- AND Win Prizes!

Jun 8, 2010

When I was 20, I ditched college and took off for Africa.

I thought it would be the adventure of a lifetime, and it was. But it ended up being so much more than that. For four months, I taught the children at New Life International Orphanage and learned more about patience and love than I had in the last twenty years of my life combined. I made friends and learned to live in a different world. Most importantly, I realized that it was real life for the people in Ghana-- not the amazing adventure I'd come for.

One particular boy I got close to was Michael. On my last day in Ghana, he quietly asked me as we walked down the dusty road if I would remember him. I have never forgotten him; I have prayed for him, sent letters to him, and visited him again in 2008. And now I have the chance to do more-- help him continue his education. In Ghana, high school isn't compulsory, and it isn't free. Michael and four of his friends have passed their exams to go, they just don't have the money to get there.
Here's the cool thing: you can help-- and you can have a chance to get some really cool Ghanaian stuff in the process.

Over at Reach for the Stars, we're holding a raffle to raise money for the kids. For as little as five bucks and spreading the word, you can get up to five entries for some amazing handmade Ghanaian prizes.

Please help Michael and these other kids that I know and love raise the money they need to break out of their poverty!


Angie said...

I'll bet it was a fabulous adventure. I hope you can raise lots of money!

Shallee said...

Thanks Angie! :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I've just visited REACH FOR THE STARS and donated. I will add my prayers for Michael each day as well.

Some days I wrote a post about keeping in mind the hurting who read our posts and novels. Here's the link :

Hope you have a healing, productive weekend,Rolaand

Shallee said...

Thanks so much, Roland! Your donation and prayers are very much appreciated.

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