Life Changes

Sep 7, 2010

As of today, I have officially gone from a working mama to a stay-at-home mama. I couldn't be happier! I'm thrilled to be home with my son all day now. While I'm still doing some contract work from home, it will be from home.

And, much as I love the new changes, they're going to take some adjustments. So this week, you can expect not a lot of blogging from me as I wrangle a new schedule into place. I will put up my review for The Scorch Trials, though.

Otherwise, you'll probably find me with my boy at the park. Or the library. Or the front yard. get the idea. :)


Angie said...

Happy day! Nothing beats being a stay at home mom.

Anonymous said...

You'll adjust. Happy writing and blogging!

Melissa said...

How exciting!

And can I just say I am seriously in love with your layout? Gosh. It's gorgeous.

Melanie said...

Best of luck to you with your new job. And yes, being a SAHM is a job and the hardest one you will ever take on, but it is also the most rewarding.

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