What's on Your Writing Desk?

Oct 26, 2012

No Healthy Writer's Club post today...because I am at a ZERO on the healthiness scale this week. Too much candy...no running...getting over a cold...some weeks, I guess healthy just doesn't happen.

And now, [insert clever transition to real post]. <---Yes, this is an indication of my current limited brain function. ANYWAY.

I went to Disneyland with the fam last week. The Kiddo was in ecstasy on Haunted Mansion and the AstroBlaster, Baby Noodles tolerated Winnie the Pooh and was entranced by the Tiki Room, and the Hubby and I blissfully took in our children's joy.

Oh, and I got an R2D2 for my desk.

R2D2 has been my favorite Star Wars character since childhood, and Disneyland is a great place to find Star Wars merchandise. So I scoured the park to find a new desk buddy. I was disappointed to see very little of my favorite droid. BUT THEN. The popcorn stand outside Space Mountain proved to have just what I wanted: an R2D2-shaped bucket full of popcorn.

So now, I've got a new place to keep special treasures/secret eatings on my desk. I'm a firm believer that whatever's in your writing space can inspire you, so here's what I've got, from left to right:

  • A sand picture from Dubai containing seven colors of sand from each of the UAE's emirates.
  • A picture of a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who, drawn by my awesome crit partner, Chersti.
  • A woven basket made by a Cherokee woman in North Carolina.
  • A picture of me and the Hubby on our honeymoon in Hawaii.
  • A carving from Ghana of a woman praying.
  • R2D2-- a sci fi writer's best friend.
  • A candle that smells like the ocean.
  • My bamboo plant with inspiring fortunes from fortune cookies.
All of these things have meaning to me, and help keep an ambiance of inspiration from my favorite life journeys.

So, my friends, what graces your writing desk? What meaningful things do you keep nearby as you write?


Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot on my desk:

1) A 70's style brass lamp, ugly as sin, that I found at a thrift store and couldn't resist

2)A 70's style clock radio I found at a thrift store that made me laugh because it was the "cool" kind when I was in middle school.

3)A mini shelf my son made with my father, who has since passed away.

4)On that shelf: a quilted owl my sister made, a salt-dough hand of one of my kids when they were little and pictures of my kids.

5)my pen holder is a little ceramic bowl my daughter made when she was in 6th grade (she's in high school now) that says "SING" on it.

Hmmm.. I guess I have more than I thought!

Miranda Hardy said...

That's awesome! I have a fountain, candle and my desk faces the open window in my bedroom.

I didn't post for heathy writers either, because I was bad this week, too. Lol

LisaAnn said...

Love your writing desk! Since I just moved, I am currently without a desk. Just took my sister's kitchen table for a spin, but I'm already having backaches. Back to the drawing board... ;)

Gwen Gardner said...

Well, look at all of us who weren't healthy this week, lol! It happens.

I love your R2D2! I have a digital photo frame full of European vacation pics, a pumpkin candle, a couple of angels and other bits and bobs:)

Reece said...

...I'm going to kidnap your R2-D2 thingy. *shifty eyes*

Yolanda Renée said...

I don't really have a desk, my husband does. I have a laptop, which means where I settle is where I work, whether in or outside.

And I won't brag that I'm down 3lbs since you had one of those weeks, but I'm not posting a HWC post this week because of all the Halloween blog hops. This weekend I have to batten down the hatches as a hurricane is headed directly toward us, so maybe I won't make those posts either. Such fun!

Loved your post, glad you're feeling better, I had an ear infection the beginning of the week. How does an adult get an ear infection. Anyway, now I want a desk! :)

Emily R. King said...

I don't have much at my desk. A plant, a phone, tissues, my Scentsy, that's it. I'm boring.

Feel better soon!

Jenna St. Hilaire said...

R2D2 is my favorite, too! He looks great on your desk.

My desk? Pffft. I write sitting on the couch. But I take great delight in the fact that my computer is pink and gray, and that I have a warm fleece throw with lions on it. Also, in a living room full of houseplants and books. :)

L said...

I usually write at the dining room table which overlooks the back garden. I just have my laptop, binoculars and mug of tea.

I am disappointed with myself this week. Very little exercise, apart from vigorous gardening sessions,and a few meals out. Must do better this week.

shelly said...

I can hardly wait to get my desk back. Right now I've got the sofa and a lap desk.

Hugs and chocolate,

Tonja said...

I signed up for Healthy Writer's Club but haven't posted yet for the same reason. I will have a post next week though. :)

I love your R2D2 for your desk. We found Star Wars bobbleheads at B&N and bought one of each (about 10 of them) for relatives for Christmas. If I had one on my desk, I'd just play with it instead of writing.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I dont have much on my writing desk other than a few books and my folder and pens.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very cool you found R2!
I have some sports paraphernalia and some Starcraft figures on my desk.

Angie said...

I love the R2D2!

Angela Cothran said...

Does a candy bar count? I feel like I just failed the desk question and the healthy writer challenge all at once.

kjmckendry said...

Love your R2-D2! I want one!
I don't really have a "writing desk" I just use the kitchen table but I always have my cup of tea and my music to inspire me.

Once Halloween is over I'm sure you'll get right back to your exercise schedule!

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