Dark Days Author Tour and HWC

Mar 15, 2013

Hey, Healthy Writers! I'm afraid my report today is dismal. Earlier in the week, I strained a muscle, which pinched a nerve. I'm writing this with numb, tingly fingers and a sore bicep. That, coupled with the fact that our bedroom and storage room flooded and our bed is currently in the living room, means I did practically no exercise this week. Here's to a better next week!

In other news, I'm lucky to live in a place with LOTS of author events. Last week, me and my crit partner Chersti got to attend the Dark Days tour! Dan Wells, Kiersten White, Brodi Ashton, Debra Driza, Claudia Gray, and Lauren Oliver, all in one place. The Q&A was hilarious, the authors friendly, and the company entertaining.

I even got to chat a bit with Natalie Whipple and Jenn Johansson, who are awesome and local, so I get to see them at a lot of local events. Natalie was a bit surprised I wanted a pic with her, but I'm just prepping for when she's even more famous. ;) And sadly, I couldn't find Jenn again for a picture.

I got Fragments signed by Dan Wells (which is tough, since he lives in Germany now), and stayed after to chat with him. Seriously, folks, if you haven't read Partials, check it out! It's brilliant. I'm a huge Dan Wells fan ever since he was my instructor at a "boot camp" several years ago. And especially since reading his mind-twisting books.

So, my friends, have you done any fun writerly/readerly things lately? Who are some of your favorite authors you'd love to meet?


Mark Means said...

Don't feel bad, I had zero excuses and didn't get anything done 'healthy' wise.

A new week brings new opportunities and I hope you start feeling better soon :)

Michelle Merrill said...

Ooh, I'm a Dan Wells fan too! Loved Partials. And yes, I'm jealous that you live with a lot of awesome people :)

I'm sorry about your arm and fingers. I totally hear ya there. Good luck with everything! I hope you nerve gets better and that you can move your bed back into the bedroom soon.

ilima said...

I wish I could have gone to that--so many cool writers. And I LOVE Lauren Oliver! I am going to Brandon Mull's book launch tonight, so I'm excited for that!

Beth said...

I hope you feel better soon! I used to live in a place w/ author events. I miss it so much now. :(

Jolie du Pre said...

I'm sorry to learn you had a bad week. The flooding sounds horrible. Hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you've been out of commission. But looks as though your week wasn't all bad!

DL Hammons said...

It must've taken some exercise to move the bed into the living room! :)

Ghenet Myrthil said...

I'm sorry you're injured! Hope you feel better soon.

This event sounds fun! I went to an author reading last night - part of NYC Teen Author Reading Festival. I didn't get any pics with the authors but it was fun to hear them read and discuss their books. :)

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hope you are better soon!
What's new with me? I started a new blog called, Victorian Scribbles. (Check it out when you have time.)
What author would I like to meet? Lewis Buzbee, I'd want him to autograph all of his books I bought.

Romance Book Haven said...

Sorry about your mishap. Hope you get well soon.

And awesome that you have so many writerly events!


Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

see! Exercise isn't good for you after all! ;)
Hope you feel better soon.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Muscle strains can be bad. Hope you recover soon.

LisaAnn said...

Hello, my friend! It makes me so happy to finally return to the land of blogging and see your smiling face. I hope you feel better soon!

I'm also enjoying these older posts about story structure. I agree that it's critical to know these plot points, even if you don't consider yourself a plotter. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh lucky you!
I'm glad you had fun and hope this week will be less chaotic for you.
Lisa Mcmann is a local author and one of the very few I was lucky to meet once.


Julie Daines said...

Sounds awesome! I really wanted to go but, alas, real life got in the way.

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