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May 17, 2013

Yeah, I live here. Be jealous.
I'm back with a Healthy Writers Club post! And I must say, I'm pretty proud of my healthiness lately. This week, I went on a gorgeous 4 mile hike and did a short run. The hike kinda killed me-- I'm not used to that many miles at that altitude at that grade. So my legs are pleasantly sore.

I talk a lot about exercise in HWC, because it's very important. But just as important is FOOD. Food--especially yummy, comforting food-- is a staple of every writer's day. Bacon and chocolate covered raisins and diet Coke and chocolate covered cinnamon bears and who knows what else; these are the things that fuel our creative fire.

Or do they?

I recently made some major diet changes at the recommendation of my doctor. Notice I didn't say I "went on a diet." These are permanent, healthy changes. Essentially, I ditched all dairy and processed foods, pulled back on my meat intake, and am eating tons of fruits and veggies. And OH MY GOSH, you guys.

First of all, I lost 9 pounds in two weeks. Yeah. Nine. And the tiredness and fatigue I'd been dealing with for who knows how long? GONE. Like, within 72 hours. All of a sudden I felt like a teenager again, bouncing with energy. Added to that, the mental fog I didn't even realize I'd been struggling to see through cleared up.

I'm not kidding, you all. It has been a night and day difference for me. Other people around me have even commented on how energetic I am and how good I look. It has made a huge difference for my writing. Instead of forcing through tiredness and fog to slap out some ideas and get words on the page, my mind is sharp. My creativity has increased. Ideas flow faster and more easily. I recently figured out a major story problem in less than 10 minutes while putting my daughter to bed.

FOOD, my friends. Food can be your enemy, or it can change your life. Am I saying you can't have your chocolate and bacon? No. Food can be used to comfort and make us happy. But think about your diet. Don't think about cutting, if you don't want. Think about adding, instead-- fruits, veggies, whole grains. Start simple, maybe with a fruit shake or green smoothie for breakfast. I promise, it will change your life. And your writing.

So, my friends, will you take the challenge and add more healthy things to your diet? Or are you way ahead of me and eating healthy already? And just curious, what's your favorite comfort food? (Mine's the chocolate raisins. Yum!)


September C. Fawkes said...

That's awesome! Way to go!!
Yeah... I already stay away from the junk food and white sugar :) I try to stick with meat (I tend to need the iron and B vitamins especially from steaks etc.), fruits, and vegetables, but I love, love, love ice cream and cookie dough for special occasions.
Glad you are feeling so much better!

Haneen Ibrahim said...

Wow! I was thinking of doing this for a while now, I know what you mean by the energy and mental fog, last year I seriously added veggies to my diet and BOOM! A change I have never experienced before, I have to thank you now I'll follow your valuable advice because I'm tired and frustrated over my health these days, it's terrible, good luck.

Jessie Oliveros said...

I've been having that mental fog, fatigue lately, too. And I keep getting sick. OKAY....more fruits and veggies. (But first can I finish off that chocolate cake I made for my birthday??)

Romance Book Haven said...

Hi Shallee

Congratulations on making the change - there's no doubt that switching to fresh food from processed improves the health considerably.

Thanks for sharing,


shelly said...

Glad to hear you've made better food choices. I totally advocate organic and better ways of eating with just a little bit of chocolate.

Hugs and chocolate,

Emily R. King said...

Good for you! I find I'm always reassessing my eating habits. It's so easy for them to slip!

Robin said...

Food really does make a difference. I'm glad you're not dieting, but instead making healthy eating choices. I'm working on eating better. Unfortunately my go to writing foods are loaded with sugar. Must find a new muse:)

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