Did you ever wonder…about sailing in space?

May 14, 2010

POEL is currently on hiatus as my brain busily works away at how to de-suckify certain portions. I've got another dystopian project in the works, though. More to come...

Now, in honor of Jessica Watson‘s youngest ever solo, non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation that will come to a triumphant end tomorrow, let’s talk about sailing. What does sailing have to do with science fiction? Solar sailing, of course! A maiden voyage of a solar sailing ship will take place next week. Now, the idea of sailing on solar winds is nothing new, but there’s nothing wrong with a sci fi classic.

So what can we do with this one? Well, there could always be the journey of a young solar sailor out to accomplish a great feat on a solo, non-stop…oh, wait, that’s Jessica’s story! Adventure on the high seas (er, spaces?), mutiny’s, sailing races…any of them could make a good basis for a story. Okay, what about an alien society who does all their traveling in solar sailing? Why would they, and how would humans who interact with them– possibly with more powerful technology– interact?

That’s just one idea. Got any others?


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