Rejection is an Opportunity

May 25, 2010

So remember how I submitted my short story Songs of Humanity to a magazine awhile back? I got a response a few days ago—a rejection. A very nice form rejection. It wasn’t surprising (I did submit to one of the biggest SF mags out there), but it was disappointing. Is rejection ever anything but?

It’s my first rejection in a while, because it was my first submission in a while. I swallowed hard, sighed, then filed the rejection with my others. I allowed myself to mourn for fifteen minutes or so, then sat down at my laptop and made a few revisions.

And I thought, you know, rejection is an opportunity. Now that I know this magazine doesn’t want my story, I’ve got a whole list of others that might! It was that easy to get all excited about submitting the story again.

SOH is now in the hopeful pile (sounds so much better than slush pile, doesn't it?) again with another magazine. And if it gets rejected, that’s just one more opportunity to get it to the right place.


Josi said...

It's a huge step in the process to have this perspective. Congrats to you for finding it!

Angie said...

Hopeful pile! Love it. I love your attitude. That's the only way to deal with rejection. After all, you only need one yes! (Keep Mindflights in mind for your short stories, okay?)

M Pax said...

You're in the game. R is my life these days. I'm getting ready for another round, too.

You're where so many dream to be. Keep that in mind. Yeses are paved on miles' thick no's. :D

Unknown said...

You have such a positive attitude about it all. I like your idea of mourning for 15 minutes and then filing them away, I think it's a beautiful plan.

Your blog is realy cute, very soft, warm and cozy feeling!

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