Hey, it could happen

Jul 21, 2010

On my research trip to Dugway, I got probably the greatest thrill of my writing life (not counting acceptances of stories). The guide was introducing everyone on the tour, and when she got to me, she announced, "This is Shallee McArthur. She's an author."

Just remembering it gives me a buzz.

I've always dreamed of being an author, starting from about age 5. So to be introduced as one, to be declared "legit," as it were, was a dream come true.

Dreams are part of who we are as writers (authors!). I have dreams of my book being used in high school English classes, or of a person at a book signing telling me how my book changed their life. I want my books to mean something to other people. I want to write something that touches someone's life the way so many books have touched mine.

Some of my dreams are silly, even vain. (Is it okay to be a little vain about my writing dreams? I do spend an awful lot of time being humbled as a writer, so I'm going to say yes.) You know how big-time authors claim they hate getting the "Where do you get your ideas" question? I've always wanted to get that one.

"Mrs. McArthur," an adoring fan will ask, "how do you get your ideas?"

I'll smile, and answer: "Ideas come from all around me. Sometimes in the quiet moments, like when I'm in the shower, or in noisy ones, like when I give my son a bath. I got the idea from Devolutionaries from watching an episode of Fringe.* It's important to remember, though, that ideas are common. What really matters is turning your ideas into a kick-butt story."

Of course, this assumes I'll have adoring fans, but it could happen! It's something to cheer me up when I get another rejection for the short story I've been shopping around, at least. (Numero dos for rejections on that one.)

Now, I want to know: what are your writing dreams? Whether they be serious, silly, or vain, let's hear them!

*In Fringe 2:21 (Over There part 1), Walter says: "We all had these abilities, until there was a moment in history when something was done to us and it was shut down. I suspect aliens." I'm willing to bet that a dozen people could hear that quote and all come up with different ideas and stories!


Myrna Foster said...

I want a child to tell me my book is their favorite.

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