Saturday Randomocity

Mar 5, 2011

A few randoms on this Saturday...

First, the African Education Raffle is over! Unfortunately, we didn't make our goal, but hopefully we'll still find a way to pay for the children's tuition. To all you who donated, thank you so much! We are that much closer to keeping the children in school thanks to your help. I will be announcing the winners of the raffle on Monday, so stay tuned.

Next, a shout out to Teralyn Pilgrim, who gave me an award on her blog! She was one of my awesome beta readers, and is an awesome writer herself. She's got a wonderful blog, so drop by and say hi!

And a shout out to another one of my awesome beta readers and writing buddies, Reece Hanzon. Reece and I have been friends since we had a creative writing class together in our freshman year of college. He writes wonderful and exciting sci fi adventures, and he has finally joined the blogging world! If you can, go show him some writerly love.

Lastly, I posted last month about finding characters in real life. Well, here's a reminder to be careful with that-- Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help, is being sued by someone who has a very similar name and story to one of the characters in the book. I still think taking small traits and contradictory characteristics from real people is fine, but be careful how far you go in creating your characters from real people.

Now, my friends, go out and have a fabulous weekend!


Porky said...

Wow. A word of caution indeed. Have yourself a good weekend too.

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