JuNoWriMo Lessons: You CAN Keep Writing When You Think You Can't

Jun 4, 2011

So the first week of JuNoWriMo is a success! I got just over 2,000 words every single day, and TUGL is now sitting pretty at 16,000 words. Honestly, I'd forgotten how much I love first drafting and the joy of discovering new directions and details. It's so much FUN!

And, well, so much work, too. I plotted the novel ahead of time, but I didn't plan each and every scene (that's just not how I work!). So sometimes, I knew I hae to get from point A to point B, but wasn't sure how to get there in an exciting, character-revealing way. I'd be ready to throw in the towel for the night-- but then I'd check and realize I still had 800 words to write for that day's goal. I learned something quite important this week: Even when you think you can't write another word, you'd be surprised to find you can still squeeze out another 800. It was incredibly helpful to force myself a little bit in those tough sections. It actually pushed my creativity a little farther than it's used to going, and I discovered I can do more than I thought.

2,000 words a day takes me between 2 and 3 hours. It's sometimes tough to find the time-- in fact, on the first day of June, I got an enormous work project due the next day (I work from home), and had to spend 4 precious hours doing that. But with the help of the ever-supportive Hubby, I still got my writing in. It's been a challenge, but so far, it's a challenge I'm loving! And it's teaching me that I CAN keep going, even when I think I'm ready to stop (or don't even have the time to start).

So, my friends, what writing goals did you reach this week? What lessons did you learn? What are your goals for next week?

P.S. Check out my new pic on the sidebar-- I chopped my hair off! 10 inches gone and donated, and I love the new cut. :)


Michelle Merrill said...

Yay for meeting your goals! That's so awesome. I miss that first draft feeling too. As for my unofficial goals. I did get a few chapters revised. I really need to just sign up so that I am official :)

And I love the cut. Congrats on the donation. That's awesome! I did it once...and maybe I'll do it again some day. My hair is getting long by default. I don't want to pay to get it cut and I don't know anyone really good to go to. Oh well.

Have a great weekend!

Wanton Redhead Writing said...

I'm surprised to hear there's a JuNoWriMo... I participated in the Nov one last year and am planning on this year as well. Anyway, I've gotten about 12K this month, I'm having a growth spurt.

Glad to find your blog.

Ruth Josse said...

2000 words A DAY! Holy moly you are fast. You are so right that it's always possible to type one more word when you don't think you can. A great exercise of the mind.

Your hair is cute! I've been thinking of chopping mine off as well. How do you donate?

The Blogger Girlz said...

Hi Shallee!

My first week of JuNo didn't really go anywhere. I have a nasty cold and haven't been feeling very motivated to write, but then I started reading "Story Engineering" by Larry Brooks and LOVE it!

It's really been enlightening reading this book, it's making me realize that I'm approaching the rough drafting process all wrong and I'm not including the Six Core Competencies of Successful Storytelling that Larry talks about into my writing.

I really want to get started writing using what I've learned but what do you suggest I do?

Did you read the whole book first and then go back and take notes and then apply the notes to your writing?

Did you take notes as you read the book and then applied the notes to your writing?

I haven't even finished reading the book yet, but I want to take the Six Core Competencies and thier bief descriptions that he lists at the beginning of the book and refer to those as I write.

Is that a good idea or should I finish reading the book first and then take more extensive notes before applying them to my writing?

Thanks! Congrats on reaching your writing goals and I love the new do! That's so cool of you to donate to Locks of Love! :)


MKHutchins said...

Awesome post. This is why I love goal-setting: it makes me go a little further than I thought I could. When I end where I feel "stuck", I still feel "stuck" when I come back to write. If I push past it, I'm eager to come back to the keyboard.

Getting Your Read On said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was great to meet you too. I'm going to be following you and hoping you get that book published soon! Writing sure takes dedication.

Funny, when I saw your picture on the blogger profile, I was confused. Then when I saw your picture here and read this bit, I understood. :) I love your new cut!


KM Nalle said...

Check out your adorable new haircut! Does Hubby love it too? My husband always threatens me when I want to cut my hair.

Congratulations on meeting your goals this week!


Rachel Searles said...

Congrats on meeting your goals--that's awesome! I didn't quite make mine, but that's what next week is for...

Love the haircut! :)

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Very cute new 'do!

And congratulations on reaching your JuNo goals this week! I have been in a non-writing funk because of our schedule shift with my daughter being out of preschool. I really need to carve out a new time to write!!


Ellie Garratt said...

Congratulations on achieving your goals for the first week! Love the new hair cut, too.

I'm talking about my writing goals later today in the Second Summer in the City Blogfest.

Ellie Garratt

Teralyn Rose Pilgrim said...

I was surprised when I did NaNo in November that 2,000 words a day is totally doable. People often shrink from that goal (myself included). It was so liberating to find out that such a goal was possible!

Congrats on accomplishing goals, and on your hair! Like Michelle, my hair is also getting long by default.

Unknown said...

First, LOVE the new haircut!

That's great that you've been doing so well on your goals! I did pretty well this week, I think. We've had some ups and downs this week. I definitely didn't get us much done as I needed to, but I'm working on catching up.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to add that I've passed a couple of blog awards on to you. Please go check them out! Thanks!

John said...

Just wanted to add that I've passed a couple of blog awards on to you. Please go check them out! Thanks!
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