Who's your favorite character you've ever written?

Jul 22, 2011

So I lied. I said I was going to do a post analyzing a popular movie with the plot structure I talked about on Wednesday. My brain is not functioning well enough on a Friday to pull that off, so instead, I want to ask a question.

Who is your favorite character you've ever written? Or, if that's too hard of a choice, who is one of your favorites?

I love all of my characters a lot, so it's a tough choice for me. But one of my favorites is Quinn from Devolutionaries. He's a smart, tortured pain in the rear. He spent most of his childhood as a science experiment, which explains the tortured part. He's bossy, secretive, and works his tail off to defend a cause he thinks is right. Though he isn't the main character, he is extremely important in the story. I think I love him so much because even when he's being stubborn, he's managed to struggle above his circumstances to try to do something good.

So, my friends, I repeat the question: who's one of your favorite characters you've ever written?


Rachel Giddings said...

This makes me happy, because I also really like Quinn :D Why is it that the obnoxious characters are always so cool?

In response to your question: I would have to go with Shayde. Even though she's unpredictable, which can be Really, Really Annoying.

Hmm. Maybe I prefer working with Dreis. He's a little like Shayde, but easier to work with than she is (thank goodness).

Jolene Perry said...

My favorite was Joy (she got me signed)
And she was so broken, but still full of hope and STILL makes me cry (in a good way)

My other favorite is a guy named Jameson who's one of the nice guys who keeps having really crappy stuff happen to him.

Emy Shin said...

My favorite character is the villain/love interest in my current WiP: Shylock. He's not a good guy. He can be childish, terribly obsessive, and entirely selfish. He doesn't feel his own and process others' emotions the same way normal people do. But he's also brilliant, and is willing to go very far for what he believes. I feel like he's everything the hero's NOT supposed to be. And yet, I'm in love.

Laura Josephsen said...

Ooh, I want to know more about Quinn. He sounds fascinating.

Ackkk. This is a hard question to answer. Out of all of my books...it's hard to even pick a favorite in ONE book, LOL. My favorites might be subject to change depending on what I'm working on, but I think one that will always be super special to me is Persephone. She goes by Sephie, and she's the lead character in the book I just published. She came out of nowhere, fully formed and ready to go, and I'll always love her for taking me out of my usual genre and introducing me to another one. She was snarky and bold and didn't always know when to shut up, and she tried to do the right thing but sometimes went about it the wrong way. And I loved her for being so--human. If that makes any sense.

mshatch said...

Definitely Dara, the daughter of a Prince but also a member of the Sans Ara tribe, who are very reluctant to express their emotions to anyone outside their own family. Thus, when she becomes duty bound to marry the Prince of another country, well...let's just say they don't always see eye to eye. But she's strong and fearless and she loves with all her heart - even if she doesn't show it.

Quinn sounds quite interesting :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Obviously Byron from my first book since I just wrote a sequel to his first adventure.

Unknown said...

My favorite character? That's actually really hard to answer! It's between two characters, but it's probably Alistair from my current WIP! I had an idea with him for well over a year before I finally wrote it for NaNoWriMo 2010. Now I've come back and am completely re-writing it, but he's just barely the favorite over another character that I wrote back in high school.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

In the book I'm querying, one of my fav characters is named Pick. He's picked on at school (get it?) and it's pretty obvious why: he doesn't seem to care that he has b.o. and long, nasty hair. But I just love him. Underneath all that smell there's a tortured soul. :) He was really fun to write.


Angie said...

I liked Quinn, too. I think my favorite character is probably Derek. He's such a nerd, but so cool too! I just love him.

Julie Musil said...

Your characters sound amazing, Shallee!

I'd say my two MC's from novel #3. I feel like they're well-developed, and I cry each time I read the book. #sostupid

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