I'm a Guest! On Setting, Part II

Aug 4, 2010

Part II of "Setting: The Forgotten Middle Child" is up over on Literary Life Notes! Once again, thanks for the opportunity to do a guest post, Chersti. Go check out the post, and Chersti's blog.

Here's a quick teaser!

"4. Plan your settings ahead of time.

We plot our stories, craft our characters, but what about our settings? Do you ever plan yours out? Some people map their worlds, but I also like to plan out my smaller scenes. This can help you identify themes and tones your setting can enhance. For example, in my current novel, I listed out some of my major settings. I realized that all of them were either in a state of (or representative of) death and decay. This is something I decided to emphasize, to bring a sense of cohesiveness to the tone and themes of my story. By knowing this ahead of time, it helped me pick those details I wanted to emphasize."


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