Raffle Winners and Disneyland

Aug 1, 2010

Okay folks, the winners of the raffle for the Reach for the Stars Ghana education project have been announced! Congrats to the winners. :) You can still donate at any time through the website and help the kids get their high school education.

In other news, I'll be out of town this next week. Disneyland, here I come! This will be the first real vacation with my little man, and the first trip in over a year with my hubs, so I'm extra excited. Needless to say, I won't be blogging much. However, I do have 2 guest blogs this week over at Literary Life Notes! So go visit my friend and writing group buddy Chersti to see what I have to say on the importance of setting. (I'll post links here on separate posts.) And check out some of Chersti's other posts, she's got some good ones.

Hope ya'll have a fabulous week!


Angie said...

Hope you have so much fun on your vacation!

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