The Healthy Writers Club: Getting on a Schedule

Sep 21, 2012

As writers, we hear a lot about the "butt in chair" tactic, which is great for our manuscripts, but not so great for the actual butt in the chair. Hence the Healthy Writers Club. If you're game to join the fun, you can run, walk, bike, make a healthy dinner, play tag with your kids, etc. Then, post about it on Friday (or whenever you want). Sign up here!

First off-- ya'll rock. :) Thanks so much to everyone for all the love on my agent news. I want to give everyone a hug! *virtual hugs*

Today on the Healthy Writers Club, I want to bring up schedules. For my running, since I'm actually training for a half marathon in March, I have a specific running schedule. I run so many miles so many times a week (right now, it's 1.5 miles 3 times  week). If I'm really going to hit that goal of my half marathon without hurting myself, I've got to keep to my schedule and work my way up to that 13.1 mile distance.

Having a schedule works really well for me and my writing, too. I write in the evenings after my kids are in bed, and my writing time is designated as 8:30-10:30 pm. Knowing that's my time specific to writing really keeps me on task, so that I'm not doing something else (though let's be honest, sometimes I still watch a movie with the hubby if he's not working, or play around on Facebook for a bit). It helps me make sure I get my writing time in by having a specific schedule for it.

This doesn't work for some people who have more flexible schedules, but it has helped me punch out two and a half books in the last two and a half years.

And now, to the weekly stats!

Stats: Ran 4.5 miles
In-flight entertainment favorite: My Strongest Suit from Aida
Coolest moment: Looking in the mirror and seeing my stomach already flattening
Hardest moment: The hill in my new route-- it kills me every time

And on an unrelated note, the episodes for Writer Therapy went live yesterday! Check out the first in this funny series about the antics of a critique group!

So, my friends, I'm curious-- what's your writing schedule like? What about your exercise schedule?


Laura said...

My writing schedule is "whenever I can find time." :P

As for my exercise schedule, I don't have a *schedule* per se...but I go to Fencing on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm. Also I take walks. But mainly...

I play the Game of Thrones exercise game! Haha. It's like a drinking game, but with exercise. I figured, since I'm going to be watching it anyway...:) You can also do this with movies.

I made up the rules myself based on what I need to focus on. For cardio, for instance: House words, "blood of the dragon," or "a Lannister always pays his debts" = 10 jumping jacks. Every time someone calls Jon a bastard or Jaime "Kingslayer" = 5 jumping jacks (this happens about every 15 seconds, so it's actually a pretty good workout...haha). To stay hydrated, take a drink of water whenever Tyrion drinks. I have a long list of rules. :) Kind of silly, but pretty effective.

Shallee said...

Laura, that is the BEST exercise game I've ever heard!! I totally want to try it! Thanks for sharing. :)

J.L. Campbell said...

I need to stick with a schedule as it pertains to my writing.

Ooh, gotta do more. Wish I could stay I have a stomach that looks like it's leaving. Alas!

Congrats of your achievements this week.

Stacy Henrie said...

Congrats on training for a marathon! I've got my writing schedule down - but not for exercise. It's next on the list. :)

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I prefer to write in the mornings when my mind is still fresh and I have less distractions.

Angie said...

My schedule is flexible. Too flexible probably. I really need more self discipline sometimes. I usually walk n the morning when it's cool. I go down to the park.

LisaAnn said...

I tend to operate in feasts and famines--both in my writing and exercise. I'm excited to get myself on a proper schedule soon.

Congrats on your progress!

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Writing - mornings.

Exercise - evenings, but I'm not consistent.

Anonymous said...

Great stats. I wish I had hills in my area.

I write at night on weekdays, but I usually cram in the writing time on weekends. For exercise I'm inconsistent.

Gwen Gardner said...

Instead of setting a schedule, I set goals. Doesn't always work, though.I get side-tracked by that darned facebook.

YAY you, for training for a half-marathon! I'm just walking for now, but I figure at least I'm moving:)

Tanya Reimer said...

You go girl. I just write when I can. 6am, lunch hour, while supper cooks (explains why I burn everything), when kids are in bed. Exercise? My dog demands a daily journey that involves all of us exploring the countryside.

Angela Cothran said...

This is a great idea. But I want to know why eating chocolate isn't considered exercise. Wait. I think I see my problem :)

Carrie-Anne said...

I go to spinning up to 4 times a week, and PowerBall once a week. Sometimes I also use the Expresso bike, a stationary bike that's sort of like a video game. My next achievement I'm working towards is McKinley, 500 miles. Currently I'm making my way through the Extreme routes, and still enjoy the Dragon Chases.

I mostly write at night, though sometimes I feel inspired during the day.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Such a great idea! Since running into such tight deadlines, sadly, the exercise has not been going so well. And my writing time varies-- I make a list of everything that needs to get done that week, and everything that needs to get done that day. Sadly, writing isn't at the top of the list nearly often enough. :(

Trisha said...

My writing schedule is... "evenings and weekends, but mostly evenings 'cause on weekends I tend to slack off big time". ;) I work full time and that's probably a good thing all around for my health.

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